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Bilbao Tram route

Line A of EuskoTran, better known as the Bilbao Tram, departs from Atxuri station and reaches La Casilla, covering 12 stops on its way , joining several neighborhoods and areas of the city of Bilbao, as well as important railway stations of Atxuri-Euskotren, Abando (Renfe, Feve and metro), San Mamés (Renfe and metro) and bus station Termibus. On this route the line is reproduced in full with its 6 km of track, some single track (Atxuri-Pio Baroja) and the remainder double track. Top speed is limited to 50 km / h, with many limitations due to the winding route and shared with the city traffic.

LARGA DISTANCIA (Bilbao-Madrid) route

This ambitious expansion of ZONA NORTE route manages to unite the original Zona Norte and Cercanías Madrid routes, with the famous Direct line Madrid-Burgos. Additionally, each with a large branch from Miranda de Ebro Imperial line to Vitoria, Bilbao Castejón-line to Logroño and high speed line from Madrid to Segovia. Cercanías commuter lines are improved in Bilbao and Madrid areas. In total there will be more than 700km of railways for the enjoyment of all!

ZONA NORTE (Bilbao-Burgos) route

This route recreates the northern peninsular joints:

  • Cercanias Bilbao (version 2.0)
  • Bilbao-Castejon line, until Miranda de Ebro
  • Madrid-Irun line, from Miranda de Ebro to Burgos.

A new feature includes the new track and station Burgos Rosa de Lima, and links that could link the two pathways, as well as any stop in a circular route connecting the two stations in Burgos.


The Cercanías Renfe network in Madrid consists in more than 300km of track and 100 stations. This route recreates the northern half of the network, from the city to the Sierra de Guadarrama, including 39 stations and 140 km, plus 30 km of high speed line Madrid-Valladolid (until San Pedro tunnel) and 10km of freight line link. That totalizes 180 km of route, it is electrified and has three different gauges: 30km UIC, 130km iberian gauge and 18 km metric gauge.



 This route is about 70 km of electrified double track from end to end plus a branch of 10 km of single track lines and it recreates Renfe in the metropolitan area of Bilbao, serving over 1,000,000 people and the fourth most important port of Spain. Set in the present time, including Miribilla station opened on December 18, 2008. On this route you can recreate local train services, merchant services and passenger long distance services such as the legendary Miguel de Unamuno, the Iberia, the Estrella Picasso, the Basque Coast express...

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